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CDMA Restriction petetion

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  1. pamase201

    pamase201 Well-Known Member

    I have opened a petition at wh.gov/PUaC . This petition is to reform the major CDMA network carriers to allow cell phones bought from one carrier to be used with another, without strenuous intervention.

    I understand that a majority of everyone here is unperturbed by CDMA carrier white lists, especially seeing as you can grab a cheap donor phone and reassign a CDMA phone's ID numbers, but it is still important to stand up for your rights.

    There is virtually no reason for Sprint network to deny use of their phone on the Verizon and Boost carriers. If the phone is compatible on the network, and does not interfere with the network, then the purchaser should have the freedom to choose what network the phone will operate on.

    So regardless of your technical skill, regardless if the CDMA network handset restrictions make you laugh; if you feel that something you own should not be restricted for no legitimate reason, then please sign this petition.

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  2. ineedhelppp

    ineedhelppp Well-Known Member

  3. pamase201

    pamase201 Well-Known Member


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