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    Pa+AOKP+CM = PACman All in 1 ROM !!!


    CDMA ROM - http://pac.cmbaughman.com/pac/ Or CMB (Check for latest releases)
    GAPPs - Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip

    100% From Source and Official!
    http://github.com/cmartinbaughman/ - Devices source, frameworks, etc...
    http://github.com/cmartinbaughman/android_kernel_htc_msm8660 - Current v21 Kernel is Cyanogen Kernel Used with permissions from Dastin1015
    http://github.com/PAC-man/ - ROM sources
    http://github.com/cmartinbaughman/android_kernel_htc_msm8660-bt - Pre-v21 and post-v22 Kernel is Buttered Toast kernel with permission from BigWillyG



    You are wondering which Rom you're going to chose....
    You want all the awsome features....
    You want them to combine their features together....
    But they don't exist!!!!!!!

    Here xda senior member "szl.kiev" made it work!!!
    You don't have to decide which one to choose.
    You have ALL in one Rom
    Don't want to have scrolling SystemUI toggles??
    Here you can make the toggles two lines!!!!!
    Using two features from CM&AOKP.
    Enjoy the combination from slz.kiev!!!!!!!

    Special Thanks
    Special Thanks are in order to:
    slz.kiev - for the base source to PAC
    Bigwillyg - for Buttered Toast Kernel that I use here, also from source
    CG - For just his releases and innovations that I been rockin since I first rooted!
    Agrabren - I only slightly modified his device tree, and htc vendor, and used most of his patches
    Team Evervolv and PreludeDrew - For all of their awesome sources (I started with their android_hardware_libhardware_legacy, and libhardware)
    toastcfh - For WimaxHelper.java and his other work to reduce the bulk of the original HTC Wimax
    Team Hydra for a great many forum posts and repo that helped make the rom possible.
    NineInchNails - for being innovative and for his repo and many forum posts that taught me a great deal.
    dastin1015 - for awesome work he been putting out there.
    Mazda - for ideas that i had reading his device tree, his tree helped me understand the aokp parts more and for helping me understand some issues
    DigitalHigh - for inspiration and for being my dev partner with MIUI
    LensFlare - for inspiration
    OF course Cyanogen, Paranoid Android, and the awesome Team Kang and all contributors of CM, AOKP, and PA for brining AOSP development to new levels all the time!

    One more Thank You goes to my man Don B. - You sir kick it! Thanks for helping me in the forums and things when I absolutely struggle to get a post in here or there!

    Here is my first release of PACman ROM. This is a BETA only release, I will update then I can, however I have a full time job, wife life, etc... I simply wanted there to be more out there to try out on our awesome device. Support ALL the devs out there and the sacrifices they make to give flashaholics a fix!

    I hold no responsibility whatsoever for anything that happens to your phone either in relation to flashing this or any add-ons etc...

    Please support each other and enjoy the roms, and Nightlies comming soon!

    Change Logs when released

    Change Log 04/20/2013
    Changes to the rom by the PAC team and myself are posted in the settings app and will be updated there
    some of the changes specific to our device include:
    -Shooter/Shooteru/Shootervm all now include OpenPDroid (I had to update a ton for this one [​IMG]) Read more about it here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2098156 thanks to o Metall1ca for the help bringing this to our phones as well as College Dev, FFU5y, and Svyat for comming up with something like this to keep us all private!
    -Currently using the latest code from BigWillyg's Buttered Toast buttered4.2 branch https://bitbucket.org/bigwillyg
    -Updated GSM to use latest johnnyslt kernel (also from source of course http://github.com/johnnyslt/android_kernel_htc_msm8660)
    -Ramjet73 alerted me to the winax logs issue popping up again so his fix is in place again, thanks as always Ramjet73!
    -More fixes to PIE, Phone, Settings, Wimax, and a very large amount of edits to frameworks.
    -Finally got everything including framework edits for compiling every bit of this rom with the latest Linaro toolchains!
    -And as always special thanks to YOU, for the support!

    Change Log 04/11/2013
    Updated Buttered Toast Kernel
    Disable triple buffering for performance[cmbaughman]
    A ton of speed/framebuffering tweaks[cmbaughman]
    Built in log reduction
    Brought back pacman video game[cmb, slzkiev & our pac team!l]
    Changelog Feature [gs2usr]
    Fixed Quick Pulldown (Instant Tiles Pulldown) [gs2usr]
    Fixed back button will collapse statusbar [gs2usr]
    Toggle to disable Fullscrean Keyboard [OldDroid]
    Pie and Volume Toggle [OldDroid]
    Network Tile Updates [Nick0703]
    Latest PA and some CM Updates [OldDroid]
    Fixed FC's related to changing Navbar targets [xLaMbChOpSx]
    Added Option for Quicktile row Settings [gs2usr]
    Added QuietHours QuickSettings Tile [Nick0703]
    Added Hybrid QuickSettingsTile [OldDroid]
    Fixes on Settings & CleanUp [IvanBrazza & gs2usr]
    Added QuickSettingsModeTile [Nick0703]
    Updated PA sources to 3.15
    Resize text to fit on tile size adjusted [gs2usr]
    Choice to enable/disable CRT animation & at which orientation [kufikugel]
    Fixed PhabletUI NavBar in landscape [gs2usr]
    Brought sources inline with CM & PA sources [bluefa1con & szlkiev]

    Change Log 3/14/2013
    v21.0 updated kernel to Cyanogen kernel (with permission from dastin1015) due to issues with something we introduced in the 4.2.2 build recently (THANKS Team-Hydra and dastin1015!)
    More PIE updates from PAOSP
    Fixes all over and general performance updates
    Improved my toolchain optimizations in build (with Linaro Toolchains)
    Notification shortcuts and option to display current WiFi that you are connected to (code migrated in from Slimrom repo)
    Changed the way that PA renders Hybrid mode and TabUI (added to Hardware Overlays)
    Updated battery charging animation, replaced missing icons in some spots, fixed SystemUI FC when remapping the recent apps key on navbar
    Lots more bugfixes and such...

    Change Log 2/27/2013

    New PAC - However as bugs get ironed out, know that this IS a test release!
    -Added TinyGapps
    -Buttered Toast fixed for PACv20 and back! All BiggWillyG's finest
    -A Few hardware code fixes
    -Updated Core PIE and Paranoid
    Next release is Evo V specific and GSM!

    **Please note - This is still pretty experimental, however I been running it for 2 days and it's pretty damn nice once you have let it settle for a few hours and maybe 2 reboots. I'm going to be posting a bug tracker on my bitbucket or github, not sure which. I'll post the link so that when you guys want a feature or a bug fixed, I'll get them in my email and can work on it as soon as I can squeeze it in!

    Change Log 2/26/2013

    New PAC - However as bugs get ironed out, know that this IS a test release!
    Newest release I started a new position at work a few weeks back so I cannot get on as often. I will stop back when I can. Shouldn't be much longer, however expect a few bugs here and there. As this is my first BETA on 4.2.2 and so much has changed!
    Also, you no longer need to flash the PA Settings as all that's changed and baked in through the new interface.

    Thanks to the device trees from Team Hydra I was able to solve the issues I was having! Those guys NineInchNails and Dastin1015 are incredible. Make sure to give anything they do a run you wont be disappointed!

    Change Log 2/3/2013

    Newest Buttered Toast Sources
    Fixed a few hardware bugs

    Change Log 1/25/2013
    A few fixes here and there to make way for a complete overhaul to all framework/hardware classes
    Added Aroma and a few options
    Added Team AC!D sound enhancements 7.0 Beta (full permissions given from Team ACID!)
    Added PSM Play Station Mobile from latest Xperia (which also has the same msm8660 qcom board, credit and permission from xxxPatchaxxx)
    Moved TrevE Wifi Teather to /data/app so it will work for everyone.
    Updated Buttered Toast!
    Sorry it took a little while I had to fix a lot of internals!

    Change Log 1/13/2013:
    Lot's of framework updates and audio updates
    Included CNA Wallpapers, and SwagPapers v2 (Thanks AOKP project for the code!)
    Slightly manipulated the seeder scripts for speed after a few reboots (ported from lambgx02 http://goo.gl/iewCK])
    Updated quite nearly every framework/lib and all my upstream copies as well.
    TrevE WiFi tether updated to latest release and working!
    Next release will have AROMA, sorry couldn't make this release as I am actively working on my GSM(shooteru) and VM(shooterc) releases as well THANKS to R3C0N and WIGGINST respectively!

    Change Log 1/8/2013 (*NOTE* This is just a test release to see how it behaves for others. DO NOT FLASH UNLESS WILLING TO TEST):
    New open source pacman game by Google (from their site on the pacman anniversary)
    Lot's of framework updates and audio updates
    New scripts to help randomization (ported from lambgx02 http://goo.gl/iewCK])
    Lot's of updates, I'll list more when I am done the next release featuring aroma
    TrevE WiFi tether updated to latest release and working!

    Change Log 1/1/2013:
    Compiled ButteredToast 14.3 from source thanks Bigwillyg
    Also by default OC to 1.56 kernel cmd line for better stability.
    Additional Test Stock Kernel Build Comming Soon for Those that requested it.
    TrevE WiFi tether updated to latest release with new firmware reloading scripts.
    Worked more on limited flash support! (still a work in progress)
    Merged in display fix, and latest (v. 19.0.0) pac vendor code
    Lots of fixes and additions!
    Smoother experience!
    Merged in lots of recent CM/PA code (AOKP stuff will be next)

    Change Log 12/24/2012:
    Compiled with Linaro toolchains
    Updated ButteredToast 14.3 thanks Bigwillyg
    Added limited flash support! (still a work in progress)
    Added Online Nandroid App By ameer1234567890 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1620255 Because it's awesome!
    Added TrevE's modified Tether app
    Lots of fixes and additions!
    Merged in lots of recent CM/PA code (AOKP stuff will be next)

    Change Log 12/16/2012:
    Compiled with Linaro toolchains
    Fixed some missing resource issues in Settings
    Updated ButteredToast 14.1 thanks Bigwillyg
    Added TrevE's modified Tether app
    Merged in lots of recent CM/PA code (AOKP stuff will be next)

    Issues/Not Working Thusfar:
    3D Camera
    May be issues playing vids from Gallery but works with MX and other players
    maybe some other miscellaneous stuff, let me know here.

    Please do not PM, as I almost never see them and then no one else gets help from something you asked that they might experience.


    CDMA ROM - http://pac.cmbaughman.com/pac/ Or CMB (Check for latest releases)
    GAPPs - Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip

    OR if you like inverted try my favorite GAPPS from MBQ_ here:

    Other variations of our device, i.e. GSM and VM users: please visit http://pac.cmbaughman.com/pac for GSM and VM versions.

    PREVIOUS RELEASES -https://bitbucket.org/cmartinbaughma...oid/downloads/

  2. DonB

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    Thanks for posting bro, let me be the first to welcome to AF :congrats:

    I also edited the OP to mentioned this ROM is not yet ready for HBOOT 1.58
  3. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Thanks for the ROM! I suppose I will be flashing this within the next several days when I get a chance! Look forward to having you in the forums :)
  4. cmbaughman

    cmbaughman Active Member Developer

    Thanks guys! As always, I Appreciate the feedback. DonB I am honored. BTW, I just wanted to mention that currently this rom does not play well with HBoot 1.58. It will work on all others, however many of us AOSP devs are searching for solutions to this. I truely wish HTC and others as well would just leave our bootloaders to booting and not throw extra surprises in there.

    Sorry for the rant, and hope that you enjoy PACman! Next release sometime before the end of the week, fixes for bluetooth, compiling TrevE's fantastic Tether mod in, lots more all compiled with the latest Linaro Toolchains.

    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    Brian will your icons work for this ROM?
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  6. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    It depends on the .apk's that are included in the rom. After I flash and look at it, I will probably add the icons.

    Just so you know, they can be added to any rom. It's just a matter of editing the apk to replace the stock icon with your own icon. And in the flashable zip, it just needs to specify in the updater-script where to write the file and what file it is writing.

    I've been a lot more busy lately so I'll likely be behind on this one. :(

    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    That's some stuff I would have to learn.. I think the majority of us will be behind on this one its new so some may be skeptical
  8. DonB

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    Quote by CM @ XDA

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  9. cmbaughman

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    I am going to have to search for these icons they sound awesome. ;)
  10. DonB

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    I also added the HBoot info in your OP ;)


    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    I flashed this ROM didn't backup my apps/games data since the 9th but other than that no problems so far and text plus now works for me so that's a plus can't wait for the update
  12. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Haha don't get your hopes up! They really are nothing special. I'm not very good at photo shop type stuff. I just made simple gray and Blue icons for the dock to fit the theme. Just made them for myself and then a few people wanted them :eek:. Happy to share with anyone who does. There's also a contacts one as one person requested it. Here's a screnie:

    Contacts Icon added as attachment. The actual icon doesn't have the white background. Just did that on the upload...

    Attached Files:

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  13. DonB

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    That why using Titanium backup or Rom Toolbox is best for that. Also that option from Google is at the beginning and you might have forgotten to check mark it. ;)

    We also talked about Data options in recovery before ;)


    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    I use tb just haven't done backups since Sunday lol and I use Google on occasion and data in recovery I use sometimes I prefer to redownload apps from play store then data restore in tb I'm picky
  15. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Here is one little piece of advice I will give you, when ever you are going to flash any Rom, first do an app and data backup, then create a Nandroid, then go play, if you keep that in mind every time you flash you will be safe most of the time. ;)

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  16. supermango

    supermango Active Member

    How do you guys like this rom compared to PA 2.99 ?
  17. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed ;)


    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    Feels like I never left
  19. OverByter

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    Looks great, thank you and welcome to AF.
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  20. DonB

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    OK, I am going to clean up this thread before I get grief for off topic, I will make a thread that says general EVO 3d Root talk watering hole. I will leave this post here with the link for a day and then delete it.;)

    3vo Resource Center for Everyone
  21. cmbaughman

    cmbaughman Active Member Developer

    OK if the build I am running right now feels good for the next 24 hours, I'll be posting another release with bluetooth fix, updated kernel, and the whole rom compiled against the Linaro toolchains. So far so good. Dont forget please any funky behavior you want fixed, send a logcat and I'll try to fix it. Thanks for all the support!
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  22. DonB

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    Thanks for the update. ;)

  23. toad6386

    toad6386 Well-Known Member

    Cool (jelly) beans! I was getting excited about this over at XDA, then saw the BT bug and my hopes were dashed quicker than a kid at Christmas with no Santa!
  24. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Well keep your eyes peeled as Santa is coming down the chimney soon ;) There might just be a BT fix ;)


    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    4 or so hours left how have things been

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