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[CDMA] S-off but no SuperUser and says no root

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  1. schoenh3rr

    schoenh3rr New Member

    Okay so i just rooted my evo 3D, when i go into the bootloader it says S-off but my phone says it hasnt been rooted and i dont have the SU, help?

  2. websterzx10r

    websterzx10r Member

    3: Flash root zip: Download the superuser file from this mirror. Put it on your phones SD card. Press power to unmount, select Apply update from zip and press power. Select Choose zip from SD card and press power. Find the superuser zip and press the power button. After the zip is applied you will be returned to the previous menu. Select Reboot System and wait for your phone to boot back up. Do not unzip download it and drag 2 ur sdcard this last step troubled me 4 to days.
  3. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    Did you choose to install Clockwork when you were done with the S-Off tool? If not, download twrp here:

    [RECOVERY] [EVO3D] TeamWin Recovery Project (twrp) v1.0.3 [08/05/2011] - xda-developers

    change the name of the file to "PG86IMG" in windows and put it on the root of your SD card.

    Turn the phone off. Power it back up while holding down volume and the phone will read the zip file and ask if you want to install it. Answer yes and you will have a recovery.

    When done, reboot, connect to your PC and remove the PG86IMG file. While there, place the SU zip file mentioned above in your root directory on your SD card. Power down.

    Power up into hboot using power+down volume.

    Choose "recovery"

    Once in recovery, choose zip file to install. Choose superuser zip and answer yes to install it.

    Reboot and all should be right in the world.
  4. dchanson

    dchanson New Member

    Is there another mirror for that super resource? I'm having this same problem on my Evo 3D. I got Revolutionary S-Off last night, said yes to CWM, but I don't think it took. When I rebooted it just booted into the stock ROM and all my apps are telling me I don't have root access.
  5. dchanson

    dchanson New Member

    Nevermind...found it here

    I'm no longer getting the errors. Thanks for the help!

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