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  1. radhx

    radhx Member


    Got two queries:

    1] Even though deactivated, Cell Broadcast options get re-activated if I Power-Off/Restart my phone. All other options remain unchanged.

    2] USB port being near to touch button panel at the bottom, sometimes while charging, touch screen/touch button panel acts weird, making it difficult to use the phone.

    Are these two issues to be expected on Sensation XE or it's something wrong with my handset? :confused:

    Thanks & Regards.

  2. radhx

    radhx Member

    Cell Broadcast Update:

    It was risky but I took a chance and it has worked for me, at least for CB Messages and Sound-Set setup.
    Going by other forums on net, I took out the battery while phone was on (not switched off).
    Now CB Message/Sound-Set options are sticking to their specified setup. Weird!

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