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  1. ratornado

    ratornado Member

    hi guys, jst bought new spica with android 2.1...but i have a huge cell broadcast issue...i get approx. 100-200 sms from my service provider about my location n all...i know that this is a cell broadcast prob.....plz can anyone tell me whr r the cell broadcast settings in 2.1.....plz helpppppp

  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Do you mean APN settings?

    Wireless & Networks
    Mobile Networks
    Access Point Names
    Your Provider
  3. ratornado

    ratornado Member

    @breeken- my service provider sends me info about my location(+ a small one line ad)......on my previous nokia phone it was displayed on my homescreen...but i thnk android 2.1 doesn't support such thngs from service provider...so it is created into a sms......
    in all phones there is a choice of "cell broadcast on/off"...but i cudn't find in this phone....
    plzzz help
  4. ratornado

    ratornado Member

    hey breekan(sry for spellin mistake in my prev post)......i read it in your description that ur phone is rooted...can u plz tell me does rooting ur phone helps in anyway??.....and also does rooting ur phone makes ur warranty void???is it legal??
  5. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Installing a firmware not supported by your provider is most likely to void your warranty. While it is possible to revert back to your original firware, it's not very easy. I suggest mucking about with your phone for a few weeks to ensure it's all fully working. Then when you're happy update the firmware yourself. Chances are your phone wlll remain working, and on the updated firmware, long past the manufacturer's and your providers warranty. And all the time you benefit from the updates.
  6. kiwiandroid

    kiwiandroid Member

    in the standard sms app, press menu, then select settings, scroll down until you get to "CB settings", and un tick "CB activation"
    This will stop the "sms", your right, Nokia etc just dispaly it as location (ie: name of the cell site your attached to)
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  7. 2BECKHAM2

    2BECKHAM2 New Member

    You can disable under SETTING-->Call-->Cell broadcast (uncheck)

    Good Luck!.

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