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  1. LittleNeko

    LittleNeko New Member

    I love my Motorola Bravo more than any other phone I've had, but ever since that last update it:
    -Restarts itself randomly- There's no pattern to it and it annoys me
    -Randomly doesn't allow me to recieve SMS texts- This goes on for three days to a week then I wake up and have forty (or more) texts to read.
    -Will make me hang up and shut the screen off before doing anything else
    -Gets ssssllloooowwwwww randomly

    I've read all of the posts here with similar problems and have tried every solution people have posted and nothing works. I'm tempted to ask for a new phone from AT&T but from what I've read the new phone will just have the same problems.

    NEED HELP :( Please and Thank you


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