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Cell Phone JammersGeneral

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  1. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    So I moved into a new Loft with a killer community room and gym. My problem is they also have cell phone Jammers installed so in these rooms you can't use your cell phone not a big deal in the Game room but when I'm at the gym I can't recieve call or texts problem for work.

    Is there any app or way to jam the jammer? or make my phone not effected ?
    or is it something I've just got to deal with ?

  2. upther

    upther Well-Known Member

    Why do they have cel phone jammers?
  3. macroweb

    macroweb Well-Known Member

    I believe the only way to bypass a jamming signal is to use a physical antenna that is situated outside the jammer signal.

    Personally I never take my cell into the gym, I'm there to workout and de-stress not communicate with anyone.

    Good luck!

  4. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Not sure they said they purposly made it so cell phones wouldn't work in the main lobby areas , I can actually get a signal occassionaly on my phone in the gym. If you walk about 3 feet outside of the Game Room on to the patio all ofasudden you'll go from searching for service to full bar. I have Sprint and Verizon and both are the same. I've also see nthe same thing with Tmobile, ATT and Cricket. It's a brand new building too just opened 2months ago
  5. slackfumasta

    slackfumasta Well-Known Member

    Jammers are illegal in the US. If they really are using a jammer, you can report them to the FCC for violating use of public frequencies.

    Chances are it's not a jammer and just building/equipment interference. There's no way of knowing whether or not you are being jammed (unless you are Dark Helmet).
  6. EM30996

    EM30996 Active Member

    you need a jammer-buster-buster-buster
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  7. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Sat and Sun are my days for this unfortunatly I have a smartphone so I can be away from being physiclly at work but from 8am to 5pm I have to be available or I lose customers
  8. macroweb

    macroweb Well-Known Member

    Probably so people can workout without distractions of cell phone calls, etc.

    I know that some theatres are using special paint that block cell signals. I think these types of things will become more prevalent as time goes on due to the proliferation of these devices.

    Fun stuff!

  9. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Interesting maybe that's why the second you walk outside you get full coverage and the second you get out of the Community Area you have service again
  10. macroweb

    macroweb Well-Known Member

    Very interesting:


    Blocking & Jamming

    The operation of transmitters designed to jam or block wireless communications is a violation of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended ("Act"). See 47 U.S.C. Sections 301, 302a, 333. The Act prohibits any person from willfully or maliciously interfering with the radio communications of any station licensed or authorized under the Act or operated by the U.S. government. 47 U.S.C. Section 333. The manufacture, importation, sale or offer for sale, including advertising, of devices designed to block or jam wireless transmissions is prohibited. 47 U.S.C. Section 302a(b). Parties in violation of these provisions may be subject to the penalties set out in 47 U.S.C. Sections 501-510. Fines for a first offense can range as high as $11,000 for each violation or imprisonment for up to one year, and the device used may also be seized and forfeited to the U.S. government.

    FCC: Wireless Services: Cellular Services: Operations: Blocking & Jamming

    I wonder how they are getting away with this? Maybe there is another rule that allows it?

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  11. macroweb

    macroweb Well-Known Member

    Considering broadcasting a jamming signal is illegal, I wonder if they are using the paint or had the walls lined with some material that would block the signal?

    Good luck!

  12. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    That sucks balls dude. I'd root around the internet to find out if there is something you can do or a way to test what is going on. I need to take my phone wherever I am, I'm on call 24/7. That's the reason to have one of these things anyway. A gym can request you limit your calls to a certain area but to outright block calls smacks of freedom of religion.;) Good luck.
  13. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    They never said they were using Jammers, just that the Main Area was designed to not get cell service ,I assumed jammers because I had never heard of these other options
    I'm guessing it's in the construction of the building. Ohh well , they atleast have free WiFi that works really well
  14. mattbbx

    mattbbx Active Member

    Jammers carry a hefty fine if found by the fcc. It would be very foolish for them to jam cell phones. i believe the charge even goes down as disrupting emergency communications.

    If they didnt use a Jammer perhaps the room is made in a faraday cage
  15. Smartphone

    Smartphone Well-Known Member

    Who doesn't take a portable jammer with them to the movies? I thought that everyone did!
  16. anthonyk

    anthonyk New Member

    I think you can use a landline phone...
  17. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    Thermite paint....
  18. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Well-Known Member

    as used on the Hindenburg!
  19. gparadox

    gparadox Well-Known Member

    You can use google voice for text messages, that works on wi-fi at least
  20. Kennyc11

    Kennyc11 Well-Known Member

    Plug and play MOTHA****A!
  21. rezeew

    rezeew Well-Known Member

    Go to a public gym where you get cell phone signal.

    You're welcome
  22. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Obviously, a spy is sapping you phone. Get an engineer to hit it off with his wrench and have a pyro spy check better next time.

    I hope someone gets the TF2 reference.
  23. 0tter

    0tter Active Member

    No way a business would have a jammer. As previously pointed out, jammers are illegal in the US. However, it is completely legal to design a building to passively block signals. This would be done by designing the walls to work like a Faraday cage.

    This gym must not like emergency workers.
  24. scuasteve

    scuasteve Member

    Likely have the room walls and ceiling lined. I'm sure they have landline phones in the gym to cover the no communications thing.
  25. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    I think CVS has something along the lines of cell phone jamming. I can't use 3g or anything there.
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