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  1. CaroleF1

    CaroleF1 Member


    I apologise in advance if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldnt find it.

    Have just bought an HTC Desire HD, having had the Desire, for my husband for Xmas. He keeps saying the battery life is poor, during the night it was bleeping that it was yet again running out, and when I look the battery cell standby time it is at 94%, phone idle 4% and wi-fi 2%.

    Not being very technically minded can anyone help me, I have removed some things that I thought might be eating up the battery, but how do I get this standby time down. I am not really sure what this means!

    I have lowered the brightness right down, the screen timeout is 1 minute, turned the sync off, any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thanks - Carole

  2. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Try downloading the app "green power free" from the market. This app turns off your data connection/wi-fi while the screen is off. This can significantly increase battery life by over double! :)
  3. CaroleF1

    CaroleF1 Member

    Thank you very much for replying I have put that on the phone, and I am calibrating the battery to see if that helps
  4. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    it doesn't.

    Battery life increases over 2/3 weeks. Just use normally and charge normally. Don't run it flat each time.

    Set the phone up properly. Theres lots of threads about the effect of constant updates to email, twitter, FB etc. It will kill the battery.

    There was a suggestion of turning on the debugging mode. Didnt do much for me tbh.

    Green power helps by disabling the wifi when the screen goes blank. It then comes back on when the screen is enabled again. Saves loads of juice.

    My settings are email updates every hour, weather every 8 hours, traffic/gps etc off. Wifi only on at home - this can be controlled by Y5 battery saver automatically detects approved (by you) wifi addresses. Turn auto brightness off and set to as low as you are comfortable with.

    use search above ^^
  5. occhiverdi

    occhiverdi Member

    My battery didnt even last a morning... I downloaded... Battery Improver, left it unplugged over night and I am now waiting for the battery to drain fully so I can charge it fully then see how it works...
  6. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    My battery is 9 hours since I unplugged it and it's on 68%.

    This is just with green power lite, and USB Debugging ON. This is a glitch or something, with it on it saves incredible amounts of battery.
  7. biglebronski

    biglebronski Member

    If you haven't solved this problem, try updating your PRL and Profile.
    >Menu>Settings>System Updates
  8. springy

    springy Well-Known Member

    I think something is wrong with some outstanding processing. If the phone was charged and then overnight the phone was beeping in the morning with 94% of the battery used for cell standby, something is wrong and eating the process.

    Download some Task Manager to see what is eating up the process. You may have to go to Apps -> Menu -> Remove Apps -> Running and force close some processes

    I have however recently got my cell standby using too much of my battery. I usually drain 3% overnight only on my phone, and recently having 10% for no reason, and even then I say it is unacceptable and trying to find the rouge process

    (I would say, force close processes only when you need to as froyo cleans it up for you. It only seems the only way to forcefully close it is through the app draw)
  9. zildj

    zildj Well-Known Member

    what made your cell standby consumption reduce?
  10. springy

    springy Well-Known Member

    It was the HTC Sense:remote that cause the problem for me. Disable all HTC Sync, reboot and it solved the problem.
  11. Kaptajn Willy

    Kaptajn Willy Member

    Had the same problem and disabling the HTCsense.com sync. solved the problem.

    Also remember that the battery use don't give a picture of how the cpu is used. Example is 5 % of the cpu is used when the phone is idle and all of this is used by the idle function the battery use show 100% for idle.

    My DHD lasts about 24-30 hours with moderate use....

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