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  1. is it normal when i let mynexus on standby for 6h and the gsm is closed by green power during all the time but after the 6h i checked the battery stat and the cell standby was at 41% (total battery remaining : 91%) why the cell standby has eated so battery when the cell gsm has been killed all the time by green power... I just tested the airplaine mode and after just some minute the % has dropped ..

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    If you havent done much with the phone, then logically cell standby will be higher up the list. (at least i find that). Also its worth checking within the cell standby stats to see if the phone has been searching for a signal at all (time with and time without signal) as that can eat the juice!
  3. If I havent done much, yes , the cell standby should be higher but not when you have an app that kill the apn (like juice defender) so why? why the cell standby is at 41% use after 6h and it said ''time one'' 6h and the app was killing it all this time so it should be lower no? I just try to open the airplaine mode and then its going lower...

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