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Cell Standby issue - please sign "petition" for SamsungSupport

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  1. MachineGunnWilly

    MachineGunnWilly Well-Known Member

    How would doing a factory reset fix this problem?

  2. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It wouldn't. The values are incorrectly in the framework.
  4. kkalll

    kkalll Member


    This is so annoyng. I was finally happy to have a phone that puts my battery worries behind, but it turns up that i have to charge it twice a day.

    I really hope that they will fix this soon.
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    To let you know, I have re-reported this issue to Samsung, including the 150+ signatures received so far
  6. MisterEz

    MisterEz Member

    Sorry for what might be a stupid question, but if Samsung fix this does it mean that our batteries will last longer...?
  7. Pothers

    Pothers Well-Known Member


    I'm quite happy with the battery life I'm getting so far but think it would be better if they fixed this issue.

    I've only had my GS3 since last Saturday and I'm getting 2 days. But it drops about 15% over night. Alright I leave wifi and full sync on but I did that with my Desire HD and that only lost 3-5% at night.

    Again I'm not complaining, as long as I can get a full day I'm happy, I just think it could be better
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    No. battery life is already good (or should be with the correct settings).

    All it means is Cell Standby will be calculated so it will appear a lower %. The overall % wont change though. Whatever % is reduced from cell standby, will be added to the other components, such as screen, android os...
  9. ScootD

    ScootD Active Member

    I seem to always get high cell standby usage on my Droid X. I've preordered the S3 so we'll see how it compares once it arrives. If this is due to incorrect values in a framework would the issue exist regardless of what carrier's network the phone is on? I guess I just don't fully understand the nature and origin of the proposed incorrect values and framework that were given as a possible cause for this.
  10. kkalll

    kkalll Member

    My colegue also has S3 and he gets 2 days of battery.

    Im getting like 9 hours max and this is so disappointing. And this is with almost no use, just checking some things online and making few calls

    If Samsung come up with update for this, will it solve the problem?
    Cause if not I'll have to try to get a replacement.
  11. warwing

    warwing Member

    FYI i am using galaxy ace.

    same issue cell stand by higher than display.

    Was thinking that the phone was using more battery to optimize the radio signal.
    could be.

    But the inaccurate stats could be an issue.
  12. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    @Kkall> This issue is about how the battery stats are wrong, in regards to how Cell Standby is reported in the battery usage stats.

    When (If?) Samsung rectifies this, the only difference you will notice is that the reported Cell standby drops to the correct, actual, number.

    Your very bad battery time is another issue all together. Possible causes are bad reception, dud battery, bad charger, settings for updates, screen brightness, rouge app, syncing...

    Have you let the phone die completely a couple of times? This might help break in the battery...
  13. kkalll

    kkalll Member

    Hm I thought that the cell standby issue is causing my battery to drop so fast. I treated the phone from day one like my last htc and I cant figure out what can be the problem. Ill try letting the battery to die some more times and if that is not helping then what? :(
  14. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Here's an update for you all:

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  15. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

  16. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

  17. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    So what the article got wrong was that the 34mA error doesn't really affect battery life, just the reporting of it in the battery stats, right. Are they correct in their statement that this will not be an issue with the US LTE variants?
  18. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    That's correct.

    In regards to US, although drivers will be different, I highly doubt they would have changed power profiles.
  19. kkalll

    kkalll Member

    OK, if cell standby issue isnt affecting the battery life, why it is such a great problem?

    Wouldnt it be a better idea to sign a petition for the bad battery life on some devices (such as mine)?

    Dont get me wrong, no bad feelings :) its just that my battery seems to drain fast and Im just trying to get to the bottom of this.
  20. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Initially it appeared to be a battery life issue, when this thread started. Then we realised battery life was actually really good. I still want accurate battery stats as this is the basis for identifying battery issues in the future.

    If you are having battery issues, then something else is using your battery. You will need to investigate this as I for one am very happy. Its better than my 1Ghz single core HTC desire.

    Apps like "betterBatteryStats" may be a good starting point.

    Although you say you have bad battery, why not post your stats and pics in one of the existing battery threads?

    Images are only useful if you include:

    Main battery stats page
    Battery stats graph (detailed by pressing it)
    Screen on page.
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  21. kkalll

    kkalll Member

    Thank you, sure, I'll do a screenshot this evening when my battery go low
  22. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    I have a screenshot of my usage here. Not sure if its what you guys are talking about.....mines a GSM version.


    Not sure if it worked since I'm in my phone and linking to my dropbox. If not heres the URL http://db.tt/pBPbRvCO
  23. warwing

    warwing Member

    Just something i noticed.

    Have been flashing roms lately, Found that the display reading is more and cell stanby is insignificant.(pretty low).

    So Definitely something that can be rectified software wise.
  24. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes they've all started implementing the "fix" linked in post 1 of this thread.
  25. warwing

    warwing Member

    Well in that case the problem is fixed as most of us simply root n mod.
    n dont depend on stock.:)
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