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General Cell standby using 10%-15%

  1. pstoric

    pstoric Active Member

    I noticed that the cell standby under the battery stats is higher than ususal. It used to stay below 3% but after the ICS update it's been higher. When I tap it, it shows only 1% without signal. Is there a fix for this?I am on FI27 (rooted)

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    When a phone gets an OTA update it usually will say that a factory reset isn't necessary, however, sometimes certain things mess up and the device really does need a factory reset, now this will delete all of your data. It will also probably solve this issue, if you are hesitant you can always try powering off the device, taking out the battery, reinserting, and restarting the device...
  3. pstoric

    pstoric Active Member

    I did a factory reset and wiped the cache after the ICS update. Then I rooted the phone and disabled OTA updates so it hasn't been updated since. Cell standby is still high

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