Cellbots code in eclipse

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  1. jlivingstonsg

    jlivingstonsg New Member


    I try to use cellbots code
    code dot google dot com/p/cellbots/source/browse
    eclipse dot org

    Does anybody have time to write step by step how to upload/install the cellbots code to the eclipse program.

    cellbots dot com

    Would you recommend another program to work with the cellbots code.

    Regards MagI

  2. jlivingstonsg

    jlivingstonsg New Member


    Is there anybody here who have tried cellbots code in eclipse program and made a .apk file that worked in a phone?

    I have been able to load cellbots code in eclipse with TortoiseSVN but I still do not know how to set it up to get a .apk file to try in a phone.


    Regards M.Sc. MagI

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