[CFW]Azure_1024 (coby KYROS)

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  1. Vernox701

    Vernox701 Member

    I created a custom rom for the Kyros 1024 based on Coby's Firmware..

    By vernox701 at 2011-10-11
    Welcome To Azure... This is my version based on the official Firmware from Coby for the Kyros1024.
    I have included Google Apps
    Genie Widget
    Google Calendar Sync Adapter
    Google Contact Sync Adapter
    Google Service Framework
    Market Updater
    Media Updater
    Network Location
    Voice search
    Miui music
    Also a modified version of calculator and calendar
    I edited buildprop for lcd density 180
    wifi scan 90 and some other battery savers
    Changed default wallpaper

    edit: Not rooted but rootable using Super1click or whatever method you use [​IMG]

    No special tweaks. seemed like too many people were having problems with the Kyros 1024 device so I justed tweaked some images modified status bar so you can see black clock numbers. Notification pulldown is custom image as well.


  2. juanito157

    juanito157 Well-Known Member

    instruction on how to install this? will this allow me to see the new market? right now i cant get to the market
  3. ahmesz

    ahmesz New Member

    dear.. i need COBY Kyros MID1024 firmware can u plz mail me this.. i try to download but the website is down or off.. help me plz have u then send me at my email add.. ahmes@msn.com with subject Kyros MID1024

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