Chainfire 3D Help Needed!!

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  1. anirudhcrao

    anirudhcrao Active Member

    :confused: Anybody out there want to tell me why this phone sucks? It's totally cool with a bit of less internal memory and RAM :)rolleyes: Big deal!! ) Root it, Swap it and it runs Dead Trigger and Temple Run :D But using chainfire 3D there WILL be heavy improvements! Anybody here kind enough to give the plugins of Chainfire 3D for the Ninja 4..?? :questionmark:

  2. itzmiandy

    itzmiandy Well-Known Member



    You are requesting for something here..

    Why would you use such a big font and bold letters?? It just pisses off people.

    Lets try to keep it cool
  3. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    ahhh ahhhh well said
  4. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    creepy style
    attention seeking

    anyone on the topic
    search on google, you'll get the plugins
  5. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

  6. rahulbuddy

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