CHALLENGE! Photon on Bionic laptop dock.Tips

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  1. AndroidGreg

    AndroidGreg Well-Known Member

    The CHALLENGE! Make the Bionic laptop dock work with the Photon, The photon and atrix connections are set up different so the accessories are incompatible. Anyone who would also have interest in a laptop for the photon can help. The more the better for testing.

    IDEA: A Micro USB male to Micro usb female cable and a micro HDMI male to Micro HDMI female cable to connect the ports from the phone to the dock.

    The problem: cannot find the cables of any length let alone the preferred 4-6 inch lengths desired.

    The unknown: If even with the connection if the laptop dock and phone will function as desired.

    The final idea after concept is proven: A black plastic dock extender that will allow secure connection of the photon in the laptop dock.

    Other ideas: Modifying the connections on the dock itself and repositioning to the positions of the photon.

    Getting the rumored dock for the droid charge thats rumored to have the exact same connections as the photon.

    EDIT: Meant droid bionic, sorry for the confusion.

  2. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    If only the Bionics dock works with this. Life would be so easy.
  3. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    The Droid Charge is a Samsung.
  4. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    I think he meant Bionic
  5. mitchedo

    mitchedo Well-Known Member

    Pretty pricey, but available in 5" length
    Micro-B Extensions - Micro-B USB Extension Cable

    This one is 3 1/4" long. The right-angle brings the cable up to the top of the phone. Motorola Micro USB SKN6258 Adapter for RAZR2 V8 Q9m V9: Cell Phones & Accessories

    This is micro to mini, but it's exactly 4" long. Motorola Mini-USB to Micro-USB Charger Adapter: Cell Phones & Accessories

    As for the HDMI, it looks like you're going to have to get creative.

    This piece might be useful in building a Frankencable
    HDMI Male to Micro HDMI Female Adapter - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

    Put it on one end, and one of these two on the other, with a regular HDMI extender between the two if you need more length. 0.5FT 34AWG High Speed w/ Ethernet Micro-HDMI Male (Type D) to HDMI Female (Type A) Adapter Cable - Black: Electronics HDMI Female to Micro HDMI Male Adapter: Electronics
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  6. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

  7. AndroidGreg

    AndroidGreg Well-Known Member

    Hmm, so all he did was switch around the directions of the ports, not bad. Now to get my photon and the dock. Awesome and thank you for finding that. I just wonder how hard it was and if he needed to do any shaping of the plastic in any way.
  8. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    He also said he had to apply the HDMI webtop hack as well. A little bit of work gets you a working Lapdock. I just hope The photon gets an official Lapdock soon.
  9. AndroidGreg

    AndroidGreg Well-Known Member

    Webtop hack? Im not familiar with that. Got a forum thread or video explaining it and some instructions?
  10. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    Here you go
  11. drummr

    drummr New Member

    I decided to go to a Verizon store to check out the Bionic Lapdock, I mean, why not? So I ask the guy, "So... I have a really weird question.. Could I see the Bionic Dockpad by itself?" They had the thing on display, but it was hooked up with a Bionic so I couldn't really play with it. At first the guy said, uh. no? and then I went on to explain, that I'm a Sprint Photon user, and since the Bionic and the Photon are pretty much the same phone I didn't really see a reason why the dock wouldn't work. After a little convincing, the guy brought me out a Lapdock, we took it out of the box, I kinda created a little gathering of employees... and plugged the phone it. It took a while to boot up, as it was the first time using it, but when Motorola Logo disappeared, I became the first Photon user to experience the Lapdock experience. The Verizon employees where surprised that it worked and told me to bring over my sprint photon friends over to get the dock. I bought it, and was a happy camper. I'm actually writing this on it right now! :D

    I will post a video soon, as I can't post links or images since I'm a newb here..

    edit: and someone else has figured this out. it's in the photon accessory forum
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  12. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    What's the screen resolution? Does it have a decent screen for watching videos on?
  13. drummr

    drummr New Member

  14. RedSun

    RedSun Active Member

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  15. Torisen

    Torisen Active Member

    I am so tempted but I'm using my Acer Iconia A500 for work stuff atm and don't want to feel I wasted money on it. Getting this for the Photon is really hard not to do though.
  16. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    I honestly find myself wanting Google to replace Webtop with ChromeOS.
  17. DMC-12

    DMC-12 Active Member

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