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  1. gstjoker

    gstjoker Member

    I'm trying to find that option where it let's you change your settings to either:

    1. Performance mode
    2. Night Time Mode
    3. Battery Save mode

    Is there anything on .246 that will let me change this? I must not be looking hard enough in the settings.

  2. fyrmd

    fyrmd Well-Known Member

    Use the Smart Actions App, many options for extending the life of your battery.
  3. thetingster

    thetingster Well-Known Member

    I don't believe these options are available in ICS anymore. There are a couple ways to regain control however. Smart Actions; and Data usage options in settings. (data usage has some great controls over even individual app use of data)

    Personally, I go into each app as soon as it's installed and regulate it'ts data use and sync options (usually turn them all off) in order to help improve battery life.

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