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  1. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    Probably an easy answer to a stupid question.....;)

    How do you change contacts from a "phone" contact to a "google" contact ?I know this must be easy to do, but even on editing the contact I cant find how to do it :confused:

    Also is there anyway to change your google account to another google account?? Can't find this either......:confused:

  2. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    I no longer can on the newer firmware.
  3. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    I'm not on the new firmware yet...........?????
  4. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    There should be a drop down menu when making a contact. It will either say Google, Phone or SIM, click it and you SHOULD be able to change to one of the other two.
  5. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    It allows me to select how to save when creating a contact, but, it doesn't allow me to edit this after its saved :( The only way I can see doing it at the moment is re-creating all of the contacts in Google and removing all of the other ones when.....but with quite a number of contacts this will be a pain in the nether regions!!! :eek:
  6. DThor

    DThor Active Member

    Like a number of Googly/Android things, my feeling is they expect you to do this 'on the other end', i.e. in a full browser with gmail(not the mobile version). If you list All Contacts there, select and edit one that is only on your phone(it should show up there, does for me), a button is available called 'Move to My Contacts'. That should do the trick.

  7. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    Might be me being thick (usually is :D) but my contacts in google (on my browser) only list the ones showing as "google" off of my phone. Not the contacts showing as "SIM" or "Phone" :confused:
  8. docpaul

    docpaul New Member

    the entries flagged as "phone" seem to be only in the phone and not synced back to gmail :(. On my PC, I can see email addresses that are not in my contacts, and with these I can "Move to My Contacts" but no sign of entries flagged as "phone".

    I've entered it as an issue in the android issue reporting site (issue ID 4077)
  9. Edward Turner

    Edward Turner Active Member

    I am having the same problem, having a fair few contacts means that it would take far to much time to recreate them manually just to sync with google.
  10. Nemmy

    Nemmy Active Member

    You could try this.

    Download ExportContacts from the Marketplace and save your contacts as a CSV file.

    Upload this into your googlemail, then sync your Hero with your Googlemail. Theoretically this should then put all your contacts on your phone as Google contacts. I am thinking of doing this but haven't yet.

    Be aware that they will be on your Hero twice - as phone and google contacts but they should be separate... You can then set the Hero to show only Google contacts :)

    Hope it helps.
  11. Nemmy

    Nemmy Active Member

    Update - I just tried this and it worked. I now have all my Phone Contacts in as Google contacts synced with Googlemail.
  12. Edward Turner

    Edward Turner Active Member

    Thanks Nemmy it worked a treat.
  13. Nemmy

    Nemmy Active Member

    Glad to help :)
  14. kiyobi

    kiyobi New Member

    @nemmy - did it sync contact pictures as well?
  15. Nemmy

    Nemmy Active Member

    Well it automatically synced to Facebook contact pictures if that's what you meant :)
  16. boompang

    boompang New Member

    now there's an app. called ContactSync in the Android market. Install it and it will help change all contacts from "phone" to "google" !
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  17. peejay

    peejay Well-Known Member

    The problem I am seeing is if I have duplicate contacts under Phone and Google, even tho I can select to view either, in Handcent both categories show up so I have duplicated contacts.
    I decided to make all my contacts Google ones only to discover that Google Maps does not recognise Google contacts when seeking directions, only phone contacts, how stupid is that?
  18. cash2141

    cash2141 Member

    sorry i posted this in another thread too, i didn't mean to, i just saw this thread later and thought it might be more pertinent to my question.

    also - why when i try to save a contact, whether it is existing or new, my options are exchange or phone. can anyone help me understand why i don't have "google" option? is there a setting i need to make happen?

  19. cmatthaios

    cmatthaios Well-Known Member

    I ran this app, and it only exported 5 of my 100+ contacts.
  20. magdog

    magdog New Member

    How do you upload into your googlemail? I have the .csv file saved from the app but don't know where it went...
  21. cmatthaios

    cmatthaios Well-Known Member

    If you run HTC Sync on PC, and then mount the USB, you should be able to open it like a disk drive. It will then show you the contents of your SD card. Find the file on the SD card and then copy to PC. Then go to google contacts, and import that file.
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  22. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Well-Known Member

    If you have an HTC phone, you can go into People, hit menu, then Export Contacts. No app needed. :)
  23. giyna

    giyna Member

    In your phone go to contacts, then in "contacts to display" and select to display only phone contact. Then press menu, select "merge with Google". This way all your phone contacts will go to your Google contacts.
  24. alemito

    alemito Member

    Or you can also download this app:

    that makes the work of conversion from phone account to google account - making you also choose which one - automatically for you
  25. abranchi

    abranchi Member

    If you have an HTC phone its very easy. You can go into People, then go to the "Options" or the three dots, then go Manage Contacts, then go Copy contacts. There it tells you from where to copy and where to copy to.

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