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  1. papercontracts

    papercontracts New Member

    Can anyone tell me how to change the default file location on my Galaxy Tab (uk)? For example I'd like to make the sd card the default download location, and move my music and photos.

  2. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Hi David,
    I am a little confused in what you are asking...

    You wish to change the default file location for downloads:-
    Different Apps and services will download to your Tab but these are normally controlled by the App itself.
    Can you be more specific in where the download is coming from and what App you are using to obtain the download?

    As to moving your Photo's & Video's from the internal SD Card to the External SD Card why not use a File Manager.
    There is one on the Tab but many others and myself included much prefer the App Astro.
    Astro has much more to offer and will easily transfer all that you require in one easy step.

    Also, for Photo's & Video's taken with the Tab's Camera, confirm you have it set to store all media taken with the Camera to Memory Card.

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  3. el_gallo_azul

    el_gallo_azul Member

    The default location is usually set somewhere in each app each app, and is applicable to that application only.

    Start the application, go to settings for that application, and many application have that 'default location' setting.

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