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  1. sm625614

    sm625614 Active Member

    Hey guys,

    I have the galaxy s2 lte or skyrocket and the phone has the home screen set to default 4. Instead of having 7 screens i want to have 5 and thus making 3 the default. Does anyone know how to do this.

    Many thanks

  2. Firedown31

    Firedown31 Member

    tap the home key and hit edit. Then you can move home screens around and delete them.
  3. sm625614

    sm625614 Active Member

    Thanks but that dosnt work when i try to edit no home screen has the little house icon it is always screen 4 and i would like it to be 3

  4. Blownfuse

    Blownfuse Member

    So I assume you figured out how to delete unnecessary screens. So while in the edit screen mode (where you see the multiple screens and have the ability to add or delete screens), to make a different screen the "home" screen, touch the menu capacitive button. You'll then see "Set as Home" banner just above the capacitive buttons (this is where the "Remove" trash can icon used to be). Touch "Set as Home", then select/touch which screen you want to make the new Home screen, then touch "Done" down below. You should then see the little house icon on the screen you selected.
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  5. sm625614

    sm625614 Active Member

    sorry when i go into the multiple home screen option and i click the menu button no set as home button shows up. Thanks you for your help
  6. sm625614

    sm625614 Active Member

    It seems the rogers version has a different version than that att version and the telus galaxy s2 x where this option is available.
  7. jimbo1236

    jimbo1236 New Member

    how do i remove that AT&T skin that i always have to swipe away when i turn my phone on. i just want my phone to go to my home screen when i turn it on.
  8. sm625614

    sm625614 Active Member

    download no lock from android market. that will take you right to your home screen
  9. Scorpion006

    Scorpion006 New Member

    How do you change the image on that screen?
  10. Scorpion006

    Scorpion006 New Member

  11. FProphets

    FProphets Well-Known Member

    Somehow I change the image on the swipe away screen when I was changing my background but haven't figured out how to change it again. Anybody know while we are on the subject?
  12. kingzeus

    kingzeus New Member

    You can change the lock screen wallpaper by hitting the menu button, select settings, display, screen display, lock screen wallpaper. Select your wallpaper and hit save.

  13. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    Widgetlocker lockscreen, and your favorite wallpaper Download from Google Play. I have this on my homescreen. You can customize the crap out of it, by the way.

  14. geobent

    geobent New Member

    thank you so much. this is better than having to install another app.
  15. shazBaluch

    shazBaluch New Member

    which is the capacitive button? I can't see any when I edit. There is only one remove icon at the bottom
  16. shazBaluch

    shazBaluch New Member

    which is the menu capacitive button? there is only "remove" icon at the bottom of the screen when I edit.
  17. billdbau47

    billdbau47 New Member

    You have to click on the little house icon for the home screen you want to use as default when you are in edit mode. This was the case on my S2 Skyrocket after I updated the software a month ago.

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