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  1. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    I have searched Google and many forums, but have not found a non-root way to do this so I figured I would ask...

    When you connect to your WiFi network with your phone, the router assigns an IP address. In the DHCP table of the router you can see the device name (ID), MAC address and IP address that has been assigned, among other things.

    The device name in the DHCP table is android_xxxxxxxxxxxxx and is just stupid. Is there an easy way to change the LAN device name in the phone without rooting?

    I would think that it would be an easy thing to do since it is a common change made in computers (name a PC as its function ie Accounting, Sales, Johns_PC, etc)

  2. poonwahj

    poonwahj New Member

    Hey dude, I was searching for this as well. Apparently, if you want to rename the DEVICE NAME for your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can connect your phone up to your computer VIA USB. In your file Explorer, you can right click on the phone (Under my computer, ya?) and click rename. Then name it whatever you like.

    I found it strange that this would work, but on the LAN and in Winamp, and even on the phone the name is changed. When you change the name this way, you should see the phone sync while it's changes itself to reflect whatever name you chose. Hope this helps.
  3. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I did not think that would affect anything. I will see if I can get it to work and post back.
  4. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    It didn't work for me.
  5. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    I forgot to post back. You can't change the device network name this way. When I connected USB and looked at what Windows sees, I saw that it would not work.

    The storage becomes available to Windows, but the "drive" names will not change the network name.
  6. toiday

    toiday Well-Known Member

    When you change the device name the way @poonwahj described, it would only change the name of your SD flash card. Given @poonwahj was using the Samsung Galaxy, this device has internal storage (16GB for Vibrant). Your PC will see the internal memory and SD flash card (if you have one installed). Change the name of the internal storage may ultimately change the name of the phone itself. This is only my guess since I don't have a Galaxy myself to test this theory. Therefore, if this even works for Galaxy devices, it may not work for other Android devices.

    I do want Google to make user setup device name, something you do during initial setup, and be able to change at a later time. I often log in to my router to see who connects to my wifi and I would be very helpful to see the device name with something other than android_mac_adr.
  7. technogeekery

    technogeekery New Member

    I'm also after the solution to this if anyone knows. Thanks
  8. Mhakala

    Mhakala New Member

    I find the same thing. it is very annoying to log onto my Router to see who is connected and see Android-xxxxxxx next to the ip address given to my phone and have to look at mac addresses to figure out who is connected to my router. is there a way to change this?
  9. marcus33

    marcus33 Well-Known Member

    Just been hunting around for something similar and came across this thread; I realise it's been here a while but you never know, this might be helpful to someone...

    I use a couple of BTHomeHub2's for my home network; one slaved to the other as a WAP (really just for my phone). On the CP of the 'Master' router, which I access over the network via it's IP Address, I can go into either the 'DHCP Table' page or the 'Devices' page and click on each device that's connected to the router and edit that devices name. I'm sure other router interfaces have similar.

    Still haven't figured out how to change my phone's device name as it appears in Kies when connected via USB but I have managed to change the 'Device Name' in the phone's 'Wi-Fi Direct' settings:
    Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Direct (button at the bottom next to 'Scan' button) > Menu > Rename Device

    and for Bluetooth:

    Settings > Bluetooth > Menu > Rename Device

    I'll add to this if/when I figure out how to change the device name in Kies!

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