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  1. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    I have MSN hotmail and I recently changed the password. Now my phone can't log in because it says wrong password. How do I change the password in the phone? It may be easy, but I can't seem to remember where it is?

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Its within the mail app under Menu>Account Settings and then Incoming server settings but will it let you get that far if it can't log in?

    If you can't maybe you need to delete the data associated with the mail app you are using via Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and then Menu>Filter>All and find the email app.
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  3. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    I got it thanks!
  4. g2rm

    g2rm New Member

    I did everything as you said using the Settings option. It worked beautifully!! Thank you!!

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