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  1. neutrontech

    neutrontech Well-Known Member

    Probably a dumb question, but in one.three the stock launcher has been removed, and it seems that go launcher does not allow you to set live wallpapers. So, how would I go about using live wallpapers?

  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    Live wallpapers do work on GoLauncher.
  3. neutrontech

    neutrontech Well-Known Member

    Well that makes sense then.
  4. neutrontech

    neutrontech Well-Known Member

    I still can't get them to work. There is no place to choose them. I tried using zedge, but nothing happens when I hit set.

    I'm thinking of dumping this rom and going back to stock. Don't really want to, but having the stock launcher and browser removed has been a pain. They take up so little space that the extra space is not worth the loss in features.

    I'm still open to suggestions before I dump it though. If I can get the stock browser and live wallpapers working, I will keep it.
  5. neutrontech

    neutrontech Well-Known Member

    Apparently the livewallpaper.apk file is missing from the system/app folder. This seems to be my problem. Not sure if it somehow got deleted, or if it was removed from the one.three rom from the get go.

    I downloaded a new copy of the apk. Hopefully I can get it installed, because I still have not been able to get the browser loaded. So, not sure what I'm doing wrong for installing system apps.

    EDIT: Got it. Live wallpapers now works great!! So, if anyone else is wanting this in one.three, you have to download the livewallpaper.apk and livewallpaperpicker.apk files, and drop them in the system/app folder.
  6. kovis19

    kovis19 Member

    Are you setting the permissions on the app correctly? Should be rw r r. put them in the /system/app folder and then set permissions and they should install just fine.
  7. neutrontech

    neutrontech Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the browsers permissions are right. The live wallpaper works fine.
  8. KozmikPariah

    KozmikPariah Member

    Looking for the apk to run LWP on one.three, can't find one that'll work with permissions >.<

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