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Change Location for "Keep On Device" Music in Google Play MusicGeneral

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  1. neanders2

    neanders2 Member

    Google's Play Music app is great but when you choose to "Keep Music on Device" it stores the files under the Android folder, on the device. Is there a way to change the location to an external SD card? I'm using this app for all my music because I have the Google Music Manager on my PC automatically uploading my iTunes library. Overall a pretty slick setup, except for capacity issues on a 16GB phone.

  2. neanders2

    neanders2 Member

    Bump...any way to keep these files on an SD card rather than on the device? If not, then how does one keep other file types on the SD card be default? I could try to leave the device memory for music only more or less.
  3. mgbmike

    mgbmike Member

    I haven't downloaded any new music yet, but I have copied about 300 mp3's to my SD card in a folder titled Music from my desktop PC.
  4. please let me know if you figure this out! I'm getting my Skyrocket on Monday and was hoping to use the Google Music app instead of transferring over all my music at once!

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