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  1. Fate0n3

    Fate0n3 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone been able to change there lock screen? I am wanting to take it back to the vanilla side slide with answer and mute or even the up and down slide like the HTC's have. Has anyone found an app worth having to do this? I have read about alot of the apps but they get a lot of mixed reviews that they only sometimes work or are bugged? Just wondering if anyone has been able to do this yet and what they used?

  2. Sorry buddy, I've only used "No Lock" to take the lock away completely.
  3. trant01

    trant01 Active Member

    Lockerwidget will solve your problems.
  4. naxir

    naxir Well-Known Member

    Lockbot does what you're looking for
  5. Fate0n3

    Fate0n3 Well-Known Member

    Have you all used either of them? I have read that both do not fully work all of the time for some reason lol.... Just wanting to be sure before I mess wither either
  6. naxir

    naxir Well-Known Member

    I used lockbot for a while with no issues.
  7. JackTheKnife

    JackTheKnife Well-Known Member

    +1 for the Lockbot

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