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  1. lrollo

    lrollo Member

    I replaced a wifi router with one incoprating the latest b/g/n protocols.

    In completing the installation of the router I cloned the PC''sMAC address.

    I have access to the web from the PC.

    Neither my Ideos 8150 phone nor my Novo tablet can now connect to the router.

    I suspect there's a hidden record of the old MAC address that's preventing the Android devices from connecting to the new router.

    Is there a way of changing the MAC address without resetting both device's factory data ?

    Will resetting the factory data and connecting to Google account etc solve the problem ?

  2. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Are you doing MAC filtering? If you're not, then the MAC address has nothing to do with connectivity.
  3. lrollo

    lrollo Member

    Tks for reply. I'm not usig MAQC filtering.

    I've been very careful to ensure I've entered the correct details for passwords, security protocol and I've removed the SSID entries and created new ones in attempts to solve the problem.

    I'll have to do some more research or wait for some other suggestion as to why I'm not connecting.

    Cheers and go well.
  4. lrollo

    lrollo Member

    Nothing to do with MAC adress.

    The security code had been changed when the new wifi router was put in place.

    When the correct security code was entered, all systems go.

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