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  1. JR_Moneybags

    JR_Moneybags New Member

    I want to know if there is a way to change the phone number in Settings> About Phone > Status

    It's strange - I've only had the phone a few days, got one at the same time as my wife. For some reason the Phone number according to my device is my wife's number although it definitely has my SIM card in the slot and is functioning with the right number.

    Whereas my wife's device reads unknown in this field.

    Any ideas how this one happened? How can I change it to my number?

    Everything works fine, it's just annoying.

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    You aren't by any chance on Vodafone are you?

    I saw a post on a different forum a few months back that the Vodafone Sim cards didn't bring up the Number in the Magic but would in other phones. It doesn't effect the performance or usability though so that's ok. If you are on vodafone UK just dial *#100# and that would bring up your number :)

    Welcome to the forum BTW ;)
  3. JR_Moneybags

    JR_Moneybags New Member

    Thanks for the reply and the warm welcome.

    I'm on 3 mobile in Australia. So it must a something to do with my SIM - and I'm betting that it's to do with the fact that my SIM was in my wife's iPhone when it was first activated a month ago (long story, don't ask).

    Okay, so I would need to ring my provider and get them to..... something.... my SIM.

    You know what? It's not worth a three hour phone call to customer care to try to explain what I'm after. I'll just put up with it. Thanks for the help all the same.

  4. Lenea

    Lenea New Member

    +1 on this problem. i just got my new htc magic. i don't yet know much about it but in status -> phone number, my girlfriends number is displayed, which is totally weird.
    my carrier is Orange and i'm from Romania. thanks in advance

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