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  1. joedsm

    joedsm New Member


    I need to change the smsc number on my brand new backflip.
    I used Anycut to access phone info menu, but when I try to update the smsc field i get the error " process needs to be termined" and no update is possible.
    Don' know what to try next, can any of you help me? Thanks a lot

    PS my real problem is that I cannot send text messages, and I thought it is due to having the wrong smsc number. Is there any other possibile reason?

  2. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    Most people who have text problems resolve this with a call to AT&T support or visit to an AT&T store. There may be a setting on their end incorrect. In some cases a replacement SIM card resolves the problem.
  3. maratgld

    maratgld New Member

    I have the same problem with my Motorola i1.
    Did you find the solution for the problem?

  4. joedsm

    joedsm New Member

    My SIM card was 8 years old. I substituted it with a new one (keeping the same phone number) and now it works perfectly. Probably sms application is not able to read all necessary data from very old sim cards.
    Hope this helps solving your problem

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