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  1. oilyboy

    oilyboy Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    I have upgraded to a SGS4 from SGS2.
    In doing so ,I had to port my old number to my new phone.
    I did this.
    But in settings, more, about device, status.
    it shows the phone number as the one the new phone came with and not the number that I had ported to it
    Any ideas on how to correct this.:confused:

  2. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    First, make sure that when dialing your number that this phone indeed rings.
    Then, check to see if pushing the left lower menu button brings up any options for you to change the number. If all fails, check with your cellular provider. You might need a new SIM card or other remedy.
  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Mine is the same but it doesn't seem to have had any effect at all so I have decided I don't really care.

    If you work out how to fix it though, please post as I would change it if I knew how.
  4. oilyboy

    oilyboy Well-Known Member

    Will do
  5. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

  6. oilyboy

    oilyboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks but it won`t instal.
  7. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. I flashed cyanogenmod which has the option to edit the number on the sim card and then once changed flashed my rom of choice. Maybe a bit drastic though if you're not already into flashing roms. The other option is to put your sim in a blackberry or dare I say it an iphone which both have the option to change the number.
  8. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it will only install on 3rd party ROMs.
  9. oilyboy

    oilyboy Well-Known Member

    Cheers Guys.
  10. light touch

    light touch Member

    Me too :listen:

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