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  1. WhippyNom

    WhippyNom Member

    It took quite a bit of research to get to the point that I am posting here. I am fed up and frustrated with what most would consider a minor nuance.

    I've had this phone since the day before it was released. I work in an industry where humidity and drops have killed every phone I have every used. Even the best of cases and protection has not saved my prior phones from water damage or some less than spectacular drops. I researched and found what is the best phone for my purposes.

    Here is my issue:

    Back when I got the phone, the contact list was BLACK background, with the text being white. This was great for me, and tbh, I LOVED it. 2 months after I got the phone, it was updated automatically. After the update there were some minor changes that I learned to work around. However, the contact list now is White background with black text, and no one can seem to tell me how to change it. AT&T can eat it. They are no help. I tried a device reset to factory, and it did not rectify the situation.

    I am very tech savvy, so digging in files, etc is no real issue. I simply do not know where to start.

    The only reason that I am presenting this now, is that my wife has gotten a new android phone (galaxy s3 maby?)...also working on the 4.1.1 platform....her phone updated straight out of the box from whatever version it was...But her contact list stayed black background with white text.

    Like I said, it is a minor thing, but I prefer the dark background with white text. It is easier to read in the dark, and easier on the eyes. I hate that there seems to be no option to change it, and I am really hoping that it is some simple fix so I can feel incredibly stupid, but after talking with the clowns over at AT&t IMMEDIATLY after the update, Im ok with feeling stupid....I know that they are actually stupid versus me just simply now knowing.

    I still have half a mind to return this phone and ask for my money back. Software changed something simple, and no one can seem to tell me how to fix it. I understand that this is not a "feature" but being unable to get answers from the company (AT&T) who sold me this I am a bit miffed.

    I came from an Iphone before this android device because I wanted something was more intuitive and more intelligent than that POS I-device that I had.

    Thanks for reading my rant, and thanks for any help that may be given.


  2. kemonine96

    kemonine96 Well-Known Member

    You may want to try Go Contacts or another 3rd party application. I ran into something similar with the stock contact list back a few phones ago and got pissed enough to say "screw it" to all stock applications I cannot get as a separate install from the market. Now that I walked the path I'll probably never go back as it has freed me quite a bit from the crazyness that the manufacturer or ATT may try to impose on me.

    I've also taken a liking to CyanogenMod and there is a port available on XDA for the Rugby Pro. You may want to investigate going the CyanogenMod route for your phone. It tends to be a much cleaner Android experience in my opinion.
  3. WhippyNom

    WhippyNom Member

    I've been looking at contact list apps. I am still researching. I've found very little for the CyanogenMod for my phone. It may or may not be supported, but I am seriously not interested in doing anything that will void my warranty.

    I've gone through the ringer with AT&T AND Samsung with this, and presented my horrible displeasure. I agree that it is minor in the big scheme of things, but being forced with an update that changed simple things is bad....but not being able to revert back is worse.

    I find it absurd that the android platform is touted as "open source", but something as simple as a background color and text requires nearly voiding the warranty. I am just shocked that something this inane was not changed on some other phones running the 4.1.1 JB. I wish it was as simple as "copy this file from your wifes phone to your phone"

    I unfortunately need a clear warranty for the inevitable failure due to environmental hazards. Dust, mud, metal shavings and human waste are all possible points of failure for my phones, and having the best defended is 100% essential.

    I guess my next question is where can I go to express my disgust. AT&T and Samsung have gotten it in the 5th degree already from me, and now I am getting outright mad at what happened.
  4. kemonine96

    kemonine96 Well-Known Member

    Not sure where you could go to express your feelings. I've not found much success in the past when I tried to get help from Samsung...

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