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  1. didroid

    didroid Member

    Is it possible to change Garmin A50 language from French to English?

    I'd like to buy one from Paris, if language change is possible.

    Does it needs a firmware change?


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I missed your original intro but read it later. I wanted to say hi and extend a welcome to AF. I hope you find your answer here.
  3. didroid

    didroid Member

    Nice habit to say welcome, not honored too much ourdays :). Thanks!
    To introduce myself - what can I tell - world is changing quickly and I'm rather new to Android phones.
    Hereby I hope to start some forum threads which will gain and maintain info for forthcoming generations what is the purpose and how to understand prehistorical devices of 21 century :)
    Which, as told, is yet not known to me.
  4. i dont know to what extent is possible as my garminfone only have english/spanish(i would love to have german) but i do noticed that some of the changes in the phone can be easily done with root explorer, replacing and deleting some apk/files. if you manage to get your hands on a language/dictionary pm me so i can experiment with it. it might be possible to add languages even keyboards as i been able to find the keyboard files/settings on the system folder.

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