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Changing a theme

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  1. ryedunn

    ryedunn Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 14, 2010
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    I really do feel awful for asking this and Ive looked many places but how do you update/change a theme? Im one of those people who likes instructions before you just go hitting buttons willy-nilly.

    Now, Ive found threads on how to create a theme, (Evo Themes, Mods and More! (2.1+) The Playground - xda-developers) but not how to install one. I cant imagine its that difficult, Ive rooted, and installed the Fresh Rom and not here asking how to change a theme. Do I use metamorph? and is there a place you would recommend to look for themes for your specific (Fresh) rom?

    Sorry for the elementary question, but I really do appreciate your help and patience.

    Thank you!


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