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    HI gang - my first post

    After 11 years I finally upgraded my Motorola i90c and bought a Samsung Exhibit 2 4G (used of course) and a data plan. I finally left Sprint and am using a monthly prepaid service.

    What data is lost when you change carriers? So I got a new sim card and ported my number and want to know if I will lose all the bloatware tmobile provided but also lose some of the other apps I like when I swap the sim card in my Samsung phone?

    I already exported my contacts to the SD Card to hopefully import to the new card. Just looking to be prepared as to what to expect when I insert the new sim card. Any chance some of these apps will be retained on 2gb built in storage?

    Also assuming GrooveIP lite will still have all the contacts?

    Thanks for any replies,

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    Glad to have ya! :)
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