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  1. greyhndz

    greyhndz Well-Known Member

    I've had trouble configuring a replacement dialer, as the S4 dialer is a nightmare to work with. Unfortunately, I can't find an option to set a replacement dialer as the new default. I can open the dialer and call, however if a call comes in, or if I hit an e-mail link, it defaults to the stock dialer.

    On my HTC phones I could set the default as either stock or replacement. Anyone figure out how to do this? I'm using Apex launcher, and tried Swipe Dialer Pro - and ran into the same problem, which the dev is trying to figure out.

    Is there any solution?


  2. Benrx

    Benrx Well-Known Member

    I use Dialer One, but I think you are right. On an incoming call, you get Samsung dialer. I haven't thought much about it because once I answer, I don't look again anyway unless I hit the speaker button. I had an HTC also. I miss Sense, but otherwise I'm mostly good to go.
  3. tarponbeach

    tarponbeach Well-Known Member

    Same here, Dialer One is great, but I still get the ugly white Samsung Dialer on incoming calls. Have found no way to have Dialer One to come up on incoming.

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