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Changing email notification sound?Support

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  1. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    This is a little different from my original DINC. I cannot seem to figure out with the new menu layout how to change the email chime. I've been able to change the text chime and ringtone but cannot find the blasted email sounds!

    Any help?

  2. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    Gmail, exchange,...? Try the native settings.
  3. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I use yahoo primarily, through the 'Mail" app, POP settings....is that what you are asking?
  4. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    Yea. I know that in the gmail app and in exchange you can change the notification sound and it is separate from the phone notification settings.
  5. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    Ok. So I stand corrected. The HTC mail app does not seem to allow you to change the notification sound. I know the Dinc1 allowed this.

    You could try the yahoo mail app...?

    Oh.... And... 100 posts. woot woot!!
  6. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Even the custom sound profiles (which SEEMS to be the one way you can change it) are IN-customizable! I can open a new one but cannot seem to make any changes to the custom sound profiles. I think they forgot to complete that feature!
  7. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    You may be right.
  8. MrBigFeathers

    MrBigFeathers Well-Known Member

    I just checked my HTC mail app on the original incredible and I don't see an option to change the ringtone. Only to toggle notification sound on or off.
  9. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    On the original DINC, to set the mail notification sound, you use the main menu>settings and select a notification sound for email. To change the sound for text, you go into text and then open the menu and choose a separate one.
  10. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Ahh, that's it!

    By default, the text is set to default which gives simply matches whatever sound you've chosen for incoming messages in the main menu. So set email notification first then go into text and change it from default to something different and you will separate the sounds and be able to distinguish the type of incoming message by the sound.

  11. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Nope. The above didn't work. I am stumped as to how to change the incoming email sound!

    Also, when you make a custom sound set, how the heck do you make any changes??
  12. jmstarship

    jmstarship New Member

    Look all day and found it.
    select the Personalize icon then go to Notification Sound and select.
    Then you can select the sounds for the different items.
  13. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! You've absolutely made my day! Sad that that is all it takes, I know!
  14. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Scratch that...the news flash about Osama made my day, but your help ranks right under that!
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