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Changing internal TFGeneral

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  1. uzilainen

    uzilainen New Member


    I just changed internal SD and my superpad III is now stuck on android logo. Before I changed it, I copied data from faulty SD to the new one. Is this OK or it must be done some other way. Plase help me out...I'm desperate!
    Thank you!

  2. rustafar

    rustafar Member

    Format the internal SD card to FAT, install into tablet, then format another SD card to FAT then copy the firmware2 and firmware-discovery files to the card, insert in the side slot on the tablet, boot the tablet and it shoud start the update. After the update tells you it's complete take out the sd card or it will start the update again . The problem might have something to do with not installing from second SD card. (you could try to update without re formatting the internal card to see if it works)
    Hope that helps you out.:D
  3. rustafar

    rustafar Member

    Do you know if it's a DISCO or DISCO 10 model. It could make a difference.
    If you do have a DISCO or DISCO 10 you can download a new Tims rom at Flytouch 3 Hybrid ROM (rooted)
    or funnycomb at FlanFlingers FunnyComb Beta
    funnycomb is a bit more smoother than Tims Rom but both work better than the stock rom on superpad or flytouch.

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