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Changing lockscreen clock font.

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  1. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    Thought some others might be interested in doing this if they haven't already.

    First off, you need root access to do this, and I am not responsible for any damage you may do to your device.

    1. Download any font to your SD card. Make sure it is a TrueType font (most are) but double check anyway. Check out dafont.com for a huge selection of fonts.
    2. Rename this font to Clockopia. Make sure the "C" is capitalized.
    3. Now, open up Root Explorer (or any other file manager with root access) and navigate to system/fonts/.
    4. Long click on Clockopia.ttf and copy it.
    5. Paste it on your SD Card somewhere and rename it to something like Clockopia-Original. This way you always have a backup.
    6. Now, long-click and copy your new downloaded Clockopia. Don't paste it anywhere yet.
    7. Navigate back to system/fonts/ and press the "Mount R/W" button.
    8. Long click on Clockopia.ttf and press "Delete"
    9. Paste the new Clockopia in its place.
    10. On the new Clockopia.ttf, long click and press "permissions". Check all the boxes under "Read" and the user box under "Write".

    And viola! You have successfully changed your lockscreen clock font. Enjoy!

  2. Math-Uhhh-Saurus

    Math-Uhhh-Saurus Well-Known Member

    how do you change the "AM" and "PM" text?
  3. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    The AM/PM text will appear as whatever base system font you are using.

    To change your system font:

    1. Download the fontchanger app from the market. After it is installed, open it once (this automatically creates the fontchanger folder in your SD card)
    2. Find a font you like and download it. Make the file name simple, say you downloaded Motor Oil 1937 (my personal favorite), name it motoroil1937.ttf
    3. Note: If you are using a single font, i.e. no bold version, you will need to create one as fontchanger will not recognize single fonts.
    4. To do this is very simple - Make a copy of it and rename the copy motoroil1937-bold.ttf
    5. Paste both the regular and bold .ttf files in the fontchanger folder.
    6. Navigate back to the fontchanger app, your downloaded font should appear in the list.
    7. Simply click on it and choose the set as font option. Your system will reboot and your new font will be in effect.

    Enjoy! :D
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  4. Math-Uhhh-Saurus

    Math-Uhhh-Saurus Well-Known Member

    is there a similar app that's free? or a way to change it similar to the clock font?
  5. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    Lemme know how everything goes, and maybe post some screenshots, let's see what you came up with! :)
  6. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    I don't think there's a free app that does it, and I'm not sure about manually changing it like the clock font.

    I guess you could go into system/fonts and delete all the ones in there and paste whichever one you want in it's place, but definitely make a backup of your fonts if you're gonna give that a shot.
  7. Math-Uhhh-Saurus

    Math-Uhhh-Saurus Well-Known Member


    I changed DroidSans.ttf and DroidSans-Bold.ttf (the AM/PM is the bold version) and it changed it to the font I wanted, but...it also changed other things


    also changed the android keyboard, icon names, and other titles (like "Conversations" in my messaging app)

    other fonts in the system/fonts include:

    I think I may experiment with these to figure out where each of the fonts are used.
  8. Thank you sooooo much! This is so cool
  9. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    Looks great!

    Yeah I assumed it would work fine just replacing fonts in system/fonts, but I hadn't personally tested it so I was a bit hesitant to tell someone else to do it. :eek:

    Glad I was able to help.
  10. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    Glad you like it! :)
  11. Cjohn8792

    Cjohn8792 Well-Known Member

    After clicking r/w I cant go back to r/o is that normal?
  12. Shrimpyaab

    Shrimpyaab New Member


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