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Changing notification barRoot (Browse All)

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  1. skater95

    skater95 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 17, 2010
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    So I'm trying to change the notification bar, from the stock velocity, cause for some reason when I download themes, eventually I can't download apps from the market anymore. So I'm trying to customize it myself. I pull the framework as it says in this guide [Guide] How to change the color of your notification bar / background - xda-developers
    I can get the images, and I tried to use images from other themes to replace the stock ones (EX:statusbar_background.png: I use that from another theme and put it on my framework) then I save it, then use adb push, to push the files, afterwards I reboot, and it's still the same, nothing changed and nothing is messed up (Thank God..) So I guess my question is what am I doing wrong? and how do I fix it?

    P.S. Sorry for the really long post..


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