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  1. andrewloveskris

    andrewloveskris Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 11, 2010
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    Hey there fellow Eris owners!

    I have a serious question for ye....

    When I received my brand new Eris roughly a month ago, I registered it through the phone as I had no existing gmail account, but I set it to a silly name. I would LOVE to have it set to a more professional email so I can change my other professional email accounts to GMail, convenience really since my phone is Google =). Anyways I was wondering if it is possible to switch email accounts that the phone is registered with... Hopefully I don't have to do any type of reset because... that would suck :(, is tedious, and I get annoyed really easy by that sort of stuff. So if anyone can help I would LOVE it very much.

    Thanks too all and any who guide me on my quest!



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