Changing roms again?

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  1. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    at the moment I'm running cyangenmod 7.1 and I was wondering about changing to another rom. If I use a nandroid back up on the rom I have atm will it be okay?

    Thanks Jack :)

  2. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Do a nandroid backup, then basically you can just flash the new rom. If you don't like it, restore! :)

    At least that's how I think it works.. it's what I've assumed when flashing stuff (never had a problem though).
  3. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Yeah me neither :p and I know how it works.
    but was wondering is it different because it's a custom rom I guess not :')
    Ima try a nightly soon :)
  4. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    You running the CM7.1 RC1? That's just like a really old nightly (in terms of bugs and stuff), I'd switch to nightly 158 or whatever's out now.
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Today's nightly will have A2DP working.

    Or you can flash one of the Euroskank builds (by me) and have it now: Euroskank CM Kangs - p990
  6. imptamer

    imptamer New Member

    I recently downloaded and flashed CM onto my new Optimus 2x, after flashing, I cannot see my apps on Titanium backup, open Cynanogenmod settings (it force closes) and when i enter rom manager, it says i need to mount sd card (I've used my internal memory previously and now it can't be mounted?). I would really appreciate some help since the CM rom looks really good and I don't want to flash back to a previous rom because i can't restore swype through titanium backup. Any suggestions?
  7. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    You should probably post this here.
  8. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    I guess you don't have an external SD card? Settings - CyanogenMod settings - Application - tick use internal storage.

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