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    Dec 4, 2010
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    So I was getting kind of annoyed about some of the limitations of the Devour's physical keyboard. I was kind of taking it above and beyond the usual use of Android phones (specifically I was writing code in Java) so I wanted to change what could be easily typed with the keyboard. Specifically, it annoyed me how there was no easy way to type {, }, tabulation or 0D carriage return characters. I needed tabulation to keep my lines of code in order, and since I do most of my coding on Windows machines I need the 0D carriage return since Windows uses 0D0A for EOL and Android (being a Linux based system) only uses 0A Linefeed EOLs. So I took about three minutes, found the keycharacter file which dictates what characters are typed by pressing what key. I was quickly able to modify this file to suit my needs. I even took it a step further and changed what Fn+Space does. I stayed true to the physical keyboard, everything I changed doesn't go against what you read on the actual phone. Here's a summary of my changes: Fn+9 = {, Fn+0 = }, Fn+Enter = 0D carriage return (Android reads this as a box), Fn+1 = Horizontal tabulation, Fn+Space = no-break space. I've tested this thoroughly and nothing is broken. If anyone is interested in these changes I can upload the file quickly and post a link.


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