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Changing the mini SD card

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  1. KathyJM

    KathyJM Member

    I want to put a larger SD card in my HTC Wildfire S. Do I move the existing apps/data to my PC, then onto the new SD card? Or will I lose temporary data is I uninstall/reinstall the apps?

  2. hinst

    hinst Member

    you should just copy all the files from your old sd card to the new one, your applications should feel no difference at all, it means you will not loose any data including cache
    When changing sd card you should not reinstall any applications, they should continue to work just like they did before (in case you copied all files including "hidden" and "system" [nothing should prevent them from being viewed && copied on FAT] folders of course)
  3. Joelgp83

    Joelgp83 Well-Known Member

    Indeed, what hinst said is correct. Several months ago I moved from a 2GB card to an 8gb one, all I did was (using a USB card reader) copied all the 2gb card contents to a PC hard drive, then moved that contents to the new 8gb card, then stuck the new card in the phone.

    The phone simply mounted the new card and continued operating like everything was normal, with no extra hoops to jump through.

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