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Changing the wake up key

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  1. pasan

    pasan New Member

    I just bought a HTC Legend, and still getting through the n00b curve. I have tried Googling much as I can and now learned to live with issues such as no task manager and inability to actually terminate applications after use. Contrary to my old skool Windows mentality I am going to trust the OS to manage the RAM and Battery. Better hold up!

    Now I have let that issue go, I was wondering is there anyway to change the wake up key from power button to any other button. This is when the phone goes to sleep and to wake up I'd like to be able to press the Home button and get the screen to light up again. I have gone through preferences and was unable to find anything to change this. Any help please?

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  2. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

  3. arzme

    arzme Member

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    arzme Member

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