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Changing WiFi PasswordSupport

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  1. bertschj

    bertschj New Member


    We use login/pass to connect devices to Cisco WCS Wifi in office. We also expire passwords every 90 days.

    Is there a way to just edit/change the device password/account when that time comes? Right now, we have to forget account and add the wifi connection back every time we change.


  2. AeolianReflex

    AeolianReflex Well-Known Member

    With the wifi on, go to Settings - Wireless & Networks - Wifi Settings and then touch and hold the Wifi account that you want to change for a couple of seconds. You should get a pop up with options to forget the network and change the password. I hope that helps...
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  3. bertschj

    bertschj New Member

    Exactly what I needed - thanks!

    Mine says Forget and Modify (but I have leaked ICS)

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