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  1. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Charging from notebook is very slow with only 500ma of current and you have to keep your SGT turned off, but if you use an double headed usb cable like the ones that come with usb hdd`s and dvd roms, you will get 1000mah as it is getting power from two usb ports.

    I have found an adaptor that will turn the male mini usb into a female standard usb for only $1.61 each, so you can plug your SGT into, it would be nice if we could find a single cable instead of the lash-up

    I have not tried this yet, if anybody can suggest a better way to charge the SGT from a notebook please let us know.



    $1.61 - USB A-Female to Mini USB 5-Pin Female Adapter - Cables & Adapters USB Y Cable for External Hard Drive - USB A to mini B - USB cable - 4 PIN USB Type A (M) - mini-USB Type B (M) - 1.8 m ( USB / Hi-Speed USB ) - black: Computers & Accessories

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  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Nice discovery, Tinderbox.

    I've moved it to the Galaxy Tab Tips and Tricks sub-forum.
  3. ghostyjack

    ghostyjack Active Member

    I've just got a Galaxy Tab and I don't seem to be able to charge via the PC, are you sure this works?
  4. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    As i said in post one, I have not tried it yet, I have ordered one of the $1.61 adaptors, I should have it in 10-15 days, slow boat from Hong-Kong :( , then i will update this thread.

    I have heard that it will charge with one usb socket , but the tab has to be turned off before it will charge.

    A usb port is only 5v at 500mah , when the Samsung USB charger is 5v at 2000mah, four times at powerful.


  5. ghostyjack

    ghostyjack Active Member

    Just tried with the Tab switched off and it did start charging from the PC. So it does need to be switched off to charge this way.


    Wonder why Samsung did this? I find this very odd.
  6. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    The TAB has an 4000mah battery, it should take around 8-10hrs for a full charge from a notebook usb port at 500mah, but the notebook needs to be on, not in standby, unless it has an special usb port that stays powered when the notebook is turned off, or in standby , the special port normal has an lightning bolt icon on it, and it need to be enebled from the notebook bios, or an application in windows.
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  7. Lee1184

    Lee1184 New Member

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  8. blackomatic

    blackomatic New Member

    I just bought a Samsung galaxy mini for my daughter (in the czech republic) and we are going to the States on can i charge it? it seems i can charge from my laptop if i turn off the tab, but i don't know what a tab is...also does it matter if its 220 or 110 if i plug it into the wall?


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