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  1. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Hi guys. if i leave my charger on over night...when the battery is fully charged will the charger 'turn off' or will it damage the battery? Im asleep for 6 hours but it is full after 3 hours charge so i dont want to damage battery or overheat the charger etc

    thanks :)

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Well I would assume it would quit charging once the battery is full, don't quote me on that, I have done this with all my other phones with no problems, also just feeling the charger would tell you if it was still charging when you got up :)
  3. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    Won't damage it at all. I do it all the time and also do it with an iPad and previous phones.
  4. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Doing a full charger to 100% every night will damage the battery you may get 300-500 charges before the battery fails the capacity will decrease before it dies, if you charge to 90% you may get between 1000-2000 charges before it dies.

    But battery`s a relatively cheap.

    I have been looking for an app to stop the charging at 90% but nothing so far.
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  5. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Cool cheers guys. was just worried about the charger getting on fire or electricity bills going through the roof lol. either that or it would run the battery out quicker due to over charge.

    Thanks for the assurance :)
  6. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    I disagree. Charging API will limit charge to the battery to never charge 100% (even though it shows as fully charged). There was a thread discussing this on xda and its effect on battery life.

    The group that tested the effect of charging also found a way to bypass the "full" charge limit by bump charging which definitely has a negative effect on battery health.
    That I would avoid. Night charging should have no reduction on battery longevity.
  7. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    I use battery monitor widget pro and it show the charge level voltage at 100% and it is spot on 4.2volts , 90% is 4.1volts.

    Heat damages lin-ion battery`s and the S2 gets hot, so you will not get the numbers below.

    "The cell phone industry did a study looking at the effects of ending charge voltage on cycle life.

    Under laboratory conditions, and with an 80% depth of discharge, terminating the charge

    at 4.1 volts, you get over 2000 cycles.
    at 4.2 volts, you get roughly 500 cycles.
    at 4.3 volts, you get under 100 cycles.
    at 4.4 volts, you get less than 5 cycles.
  8. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    so what conclusions are we heading towards? It's ok to have the battery effectively being charged for 6 hours (when it needs around 3 for 100%) or...?

    Thanks :)
  9. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    It will be fine, the phone will stop charging the battery once it hits 100%, 4.2volts

  10. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    You battery will not charge all night. It will charge till full and the stops charging at 100%. Mine even make a noise to inform me that my battery has reached 100%.

    At 100% I do not think that your battery even trickle charges but instead stops charging completely and starts charging again as it drops from 100%.

    You can not over charge your battery.
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    In additon to what's already been said, charging is not linear. As an almost-discharged battery is charged the supplied current will reduce, so by the time it reaches (say) 90% capacity it will already effectively be on a "trickle charge". Once it reaches full capacity the safety circuitry in the battery itself will ensure that charging ceases to prevent overheating or risk of damage.
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  12. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Cheers for the advice guys - will start charging from now on. If it's low before I went to sleep I used to wait till I got to work and charge there (so it gets the full 3 hours needed), but it means often it will be dead when I get to work.

    Now I know I can charge my baby over night ;)

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