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  1. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    How long is it recommendable to charge the phone before the first use?? Because i keep getting told to switch it off and then charge it for atleast 5 hours before starting to using it - is that beneficial in any way?

  2. spatuluk

    spatuluk Well-Known Member

    No idea!

    Most advice for phone battery charging is based on ancient Ni-Cd batteries (charge for ages first, let it get as low as possible before recharging), or Li-Ion batteries (doesn't matter how you charge them, but they don't like being over-charged).

    Most Sony phones, including the X10 Mini, use Li-Poly batteries. From what I've read, they don't need to be left on charge before first use, and they supposedly work better if you don't let them fully discharge.

    I still charged mine for several hours before use, just in case. :p
  3. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Yea - i was looking around for some more information elsewhere and your right about how most of the stuff is based on the Ni-CD Batteries etc - i did the same thing - i let mine charge for several hours before first use - came across this article someplace where it suggested that the best way to make full use of the Li-poly batteries on the xperia x10 and the xperia mini is to charge them for around 13-15 hours at least once a month! Not sure if thats worth a shot or not - but yea i guess with the the advanced task killer apps and stuff battery charge can be kept in check somewhat - Apparently the way programs get developed for the android OS is what causes the heavy drainage of the batteries which again apparently has been suggested is taken care of in the 2.0 + versions of the Android OS - hopefully the update for the mini comes out soon enough -

    How long does your charge last though ?
  4. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    When I got mine I charged it to 100% and start using it.
    Recharged at ca 30% up to 100% again the next 3-4 times.
    Now I use it down to around 10% before recharge, and always give it a full recharge.

    You can't overcharge the battery with android, as it charges the battery to 100% then let it drop to 96% before starting to charge it to 100% again. This is done to protect the battery and give it longer lifespan.

    These batteries are supposed to be happy and live longer if you charge them often and not let them be too empty before you recharge.

    My "record" as stated in the other battery thread here on this forum is 5 days.
    And still got battery left.
  5. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Yea your right - i have seen a considerable difference between the amount of time the battery lasts over the last couple of days after going through a couple of charge cycles - I take it off charge when it reaches a 100% - your right - saw that in some articles etc which were about how to make the best use of Li-poly batteries etc - the only time i let it charge for a few hours was b4 the first use - but will not be doing that from now on - But one things for sure - this phone is most definitely far more better then the Samsung Galaxy - i had that for a while and it sucked when it came to battery etc -
  6. ndring

    ndring Member

    I charged mine when I first got it, then have been topping it up The battery lasts a long time for me. My old phone I had to charge every night! Just a side note, most modern elecronics stop charging to make sure its not over charged AND turns off the device before the battery fully discharges to prolong the life of the battery!
  7. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Yea your right about the modern electronics and the way they are made to handle battery life etc - this phone is better then a lot of other android powered devices in terms of the way it handles its battery discharge etc - but sometimes the only thing that confuses me about this whole smartphone technology thing is that these phones have so much productivity to offer but the only thing all of this lacks is a proper battery life which could last long - i mean on forums of this sort there are a lot of topics created on how to handle batteries and how to make the charge last long! concept of a smartphone is to make life easier which it does in many ways but battery problems seem to be a major hinderance in most cases with most of the smartphones out there - the only exception i can think of is the Iphone when it comes to battery stability - I prefer the android platform over the Iphone which is why i have reverted back to it but yea hopefully in the coming times more emphasis would be given to improving this battery issue - but yea like i mentioned earlier apparently the way programs get developed for the android OS is what causes the heavy drainage of the batteries which again apparently has been suggested is taken care of in the 2.0 + versions of the Android OS (and hopefully the update will soon be available for the xperia series)

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