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Charger and USB brandsTips

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  1. Sylerxen

    Sylerxen Well-Known Member

    It may seem useless to some of you but you'd be surprised how common this is.
    Some feel its the USB port they jack in to but naw, sometimes it's more complicated than that.
    Some USB cords just don't work and that goes the same for the chargers. Other give off too little energy for the E4GT. My friends and I complain about this all the time lol I even lost the charger that came with my phone on the same day I bought it, leaving me with nothing. Till I found that Motorola USB cords and chargers have a dramatic effect on the E4GT. Charges it in less than an hour. The ones that don't work with it at all are the LG ones.
    Go ahead, post the USB and charger brands that work with your E4GT so others can see it as well.


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  2. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    I don't think it's the cords as much as it's the power supplies at the other end of the cords.

    Although it appears that USB charging is totally interchangeable, the truth is that it's not always the case. Using the wrong charger can either fail to charge, or damage some devices, even though the plug fits. If in doubt, get the hardware manufacturer's official parts.

    OTOH there are many devices that can be safely charged using generic USB sources. As a rule of thumb, a laptop USB port is your safest bet. If your device doesn't charge from a laptop port, then you might want to find out why. If it does, then it should be OK to charge from other USB power sources, like devices that plug into a car's cigar lighter plug, travel surge suppressors that often have USB power sources (I use these a lot) and battery packs with USB power ports.

    As you've seen, not all USB power ports are equal, and some can supply more charging current than others. I've noticed a recent trend with newer charging ports where the maximum amount of current that the port can supply is clearly labeled. This should help a lot.
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  3. MikeNJ

    MikeNJ Member

    I use my old Palm Pre (original Sprint release) power cord around half of the time I need a charge.

    Depends on where I am, as I carry the Pre cord with my laptop, and the original Samsung charger stays home in the bedroom.

    Works great, plus it's easier to pull out of the wall. (Not nearly as small!)
  4. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    My local Walgreen's carries these neat "axe head" USB cables that have both mini and micro plugs. No converters to lose. I should buy a box of them and give them as stocking stuffers for the holidays.
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  5. cerj

    cerj Well-Known Member

    Should be noted that a poorly made usb cable can brick the phones, also we need charger output of 5volt 1 amp (5v 1a ), home and car.SGS2 batt is bigger than most. If you have to replace your usb cable, I have read the blackberry usb to micro data cable is one of the top choices,and from personal experience it is what I use specifically for all data transfer. Sometimes its the lil things that make the biggest difference.

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