charger not fitting thru case, can i use a different cord?

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    Hi there, I have an amazing little Galaxy Reverb that I have been carrying around in a plastic zip lock. EVEN THOUGH I have an awesome sturdy and cute case (with a kickstand! And it's pink and black!).
    I got the case in the mail, popped it into my phone (involves snapping two hard plastic pieces over the phone, then covering it with the rubber exterior). I loved it! And I loved it all the way until that evening, when it came time to charge it... The micro USB thing has a plastic rim around it? This rim and the case combined makes it so the charger can't connect. There I was, dying phone in hand, trying desperately to pull the plastic rims apart with my nails- finally Googled it on my tablet and someone said use a credit card so I did and I swear it was a miracle when the case popped apart it fit THAT good! So, I don't want to go through that every time my phone needs a charge! Anyhow I'm being overly dramatic and getting off track. Anyways, last night I accidentally stuck my phone charger on my Nexus 7...I've avoided this, (cuz the manuals said to...;-) ) and voila, I came back to find my phone charger charging my Nexus. (The phone charger was kind of warm, however...) Note, I've been reading about different chargers and how they may or may not adversely affect the long term life of the battery, so I'm wondering this... My Nexus charger is narrow at the point I need my phone charger to be narrow. Can I unplug the cord from the USB-to-wall charger of my phone and trade it with the Nexus cord, plugged in to the phone wall charger? I mean, is a cord is a cord is a cord? As long as the charger part belongs to the right device? Thanks fellow gadget people!

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    Hellooo? :-(
    Anybody? I realize my post was a bit long-winded, so I will try to shorten it.
    You know the little black box that you plug the usb-to-micro into to charge a Nexus 7
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    Yeah you can use any USB charger. It just might not charge as fast as stock or it might charge faster depending on the output of the charger.
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