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Charger plugged in but Admire rarely noticesSupport

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  1. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    I am about to take a hammer to this phone. It has to have the cord positioned just so, usually pulled and twisted around the phone for the connection to complete the circuit so it will charge. Car, home, doesn't matter what charger I try. After charging for a minute, it stops

  2. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    I thought it was bad earlier today. Now its useless. Does anyone know how to fix problems with the phone's connection port? Thanks!
  3. Mmazz

    Mmazz Well-Known Member

    Might not be the port. Could be the cord. Mine did the same thing after about 6 months. The constant bending of the cord end eventually caused a break in the wire. You could purchase a whole new charger or just a replacement cord a best buys.
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  4. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    I was hoping that was it too. I've tried two home cords and one car cord. No luck.
  5. it cant be your admire unless you jammed the plug in there or maybe something is just there check you battery pull it out put it back in if that does not work get a new battery
  6. markyrocks

    markyrocks Member

    I have the same problem, I plugged my phone into a dedicated ac adapter micro usb port charger from a different phone started charging it instantly, also seems to still charge for me in hooked to computer usb port. But the stock charger an cord plugged into wall........ stopped working for me second day I had the phone.
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  7. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    It was the admire. Nothing to do with the battery. I should have tried a micro charger. Kept trying admire chargers. Pitched the phone. Only had so much patience. Thanks though. Hope they straighten it out so other people don't keep having this problem.
  8. markyrocks

    markyrocks Member

    That kinda a drastic move to just throw it away. You could have at least sold it on eBay for parts. Prolly would of got 20-40$, u could of also bought external battery charger. This eliminates phone from the mix
  9. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    Let me clarify. As the phone had a manufacturer defect, I pitched it back to Metro PCS who had to exchange my phone for one that is not defective. I'm sure they will happily use my working parts of the phone to create a refurb to hand off in exchange for the next defective phone they have to replace. I need a phone that charges via its port. This model sucks the life out of a battery. I'd have needed several backup batteries and an external charger in my pocket at all times otherwise. I'm too busy for that complication. When I have a cell phone, I just need the darn thing to work the way a cell phone should work. Thanks though.
  10. markyrocks

    markyrocks Member

    The extended battery I bought lasts all day even thought I use music player for 6-7 hrs. And txt constantly as well as make calls an use GPS. Unless ur playing games it lasts long time but I'm using 3500 mah battery. I keep stock battery fully charged as backup. Haven't used it since. External charger not much more as far as equipment goes than the stock charger. I personally am thinking bout upgrading. I'm a cricket user so I'm sure phone selection between use an u all is different.
  11. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    If you are thinking of getting Metro and an admire, they are on sale for $59. Not bad. I almost did that. I had to pay $11 for a replacement and $20 to replace the home charger I cut through when trying to cut off the duct tape. Since replacement is probably refurb. I almost just started over since a home charger would be included with a new phone and only $59
  12. mamamikes

    mamamikes Member

    Was your phone ever rooted? I have this same prob. My phone was rooted but we reset the phone hoping that it would start charging again but no luck. I don't have all of the metro apps it came with but a few.
  13. mamamikes

    mamamikes Member

    Did you have insurance? We did but had it taken off, can I still return my admire?
  14. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    Mine were never rooted. My second one, the replacement they gave me blows through chargers too. It is probably a refurb, so who knows if rooted.
  15. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    No, I did not have insurance. 11 dollars is required ford manufacturer defect replacement. The mechanism to complete the circuit somewhere in the port area is just not right on the phones.
  16. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member

    My son's Admire has the same issue. I tried many different cables with it...no luck.

    Turns out it is his port. Now the phone even thinks it is charging sometimes when it isn't even plugged in. He has to get the cable angled just right to get it to charge or get recognized by the PC.

    The port on his actually moves around a bit.

    Holy Crap I didn't notice this thread was

    Worst part is, even under warranty the ports are usually not covered as they attribute it to user abuse/misuse (ie. tripping over cord or yanking it out) which is total BS.

    Depending on your phone's age or if you have insurance I would still bring it in and see what they say. You may get one of Metro's more stupid associates (highly likely) and get lucky. Good luck.

    Holy Crap, I didn't notice this thread was so old. I'm helping to summon the dead!
  17. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    Holy Crap, I didn't notice this thread was so old. I'm helping to summon the dead!
    The dead have heard your woes and feel your pain.
  18. veggiegrrrl

    veggiegrrrl Active Member

    i have the same problem. this is my 2nd samsung admire. problem happened with both phones (metroPCS got me a placement but same issue).
    grrrrr. occurs whether charging from wall charger or laptop/usb.
  19. mamamikes

    mamamikes Member

    Yes if your phone is under a year you can send it back to Samsung and they will fix it. That's what I had to do. Took about a week for me to get my phone back and now it's fine.
  20. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

    do u know if they still accept the phone if it has a crack on the top right (small hole and cracked glass, above earpiece) ? cause metro said they cant exchange my phone because that voided the warrenty..
  21. mamamikes

    mamamikes Member

    Not sure, I know they asked if I had any visible damage on mine. I didn't so I don't know if they'll take it or not. Call and see is your best bet.
  22. BadMadBia

    BadMadBia New Member

    Bah-Ha! Its your admire!

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