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  1. xFLYNNx

    xFLYNNx Member

    Anyone using the BB curve 9330 charger for E4GT, they are interchangeable fit wise.

    BB charger ratings are as follows

    input: 100-24v 200ma 50-60hz 11-17va
    output: 5v - 750ma

    E4GT ratings are as follows

    input: 100-24v 50-60hz 0.15a (0,15a)
    output: 5.0v - 1.0a


  2. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I use a blackberry charger as one of my chargers. It shouldn't damage you phone or battery at all.
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  3. captfbgnet

    captfbgnet Member

    Same here. BB 8530 wallcharger works just great....
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  4. xFLYNNx

    xFLYNNx Member

    That's great, I'll have one at work and home.

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